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A Veterinary Clinic that Provides a Full Range of Services

The vets in Lakewood provide a full range of diagnostic services as well as emergency care for pets. Herds, cats, birds, and certain pocket pets/exotics of all ages and breeds receive comprehensive and detailed care.

Pet health checks, vaccinations, spay or neuter treatments, complete dental care, surgery, chiropractic consultations, acupuncture, laser treatment, and pain management are only a few of the services we provide daily.

During regular business hours, we also have experienced veterinarians on-site to treat urgent care cases.

In Veterinary Care For Your Pets, We Are Committed To Quality And Empathy.

Our veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and front desk workers at vets in Lakewood co work together to provide a caring and competent environment for you and your pet.

From the first phone call, our mission is to ensure that your questions are answered, that your pet receives the best possible treatment, and that you are kept updated at all times during your visit.

Our Services

Urgent and Emergency Care
Although we hope that you and your pet will never be in an emergency, they do occur, and pet owners must understand what constitutes an emergency. - species, age, and form of pet has its own set of emergencies.

Pets, too, include prescriptions and RX refills. With our full in-house pharmacy, we've got you covered when your pet needs medicine. We have a remedy for your pet, whether they need preventative drugs, short-term treatment for an illness or injury, or a long-term prescription. We have a dedicated pharmacy technician who focuses on dispensing medications safely and reliably for quality control.

Please contact our customer service team at the vets in Lakewood or order a refill if your pet needs a prescription. Keep a close eye on your pet's medication for refills; in certain situations, we'll need to make an appointment to ensure that the drug and dose level are both working correctly for your pet.

Telemedicine Appointments Are Now Available

You can communicate with the same doctor you know and trust from the comfort of your own home using your smartphone or device. We provide video chat consultations for you and your pet. You'll need a video-capable unit, such as a computer or smartphone, as well as a working phone number linked to your account.

Make an appointment with one of our customer care consultants the same way you would for an in-hospital visit. Please have your video-enabled computer ready for your work, and make sure your pet is nearby.

Our doctor at the vets in Lakewood co will contact you at the time of your appointment using the phone number you provided in advance. We can ask you to take photos or videos of your pet with your smartphone during the chat. If medication is needed, we will prepare the medicines and notify you when they are ready for collection.

Dermatology And Allergies

Allergies and dermatological problems may affect cats as well. Allergies and skin disorders are rarely life-threatening, but that does not negate their importance. To keep your cat comfortable and live like royalty they are, you must fix any problems with them. It's no fun having a cat that is miserable because of an allergy or a skin condition, which is where we come in!

Create an appointment with your cat's primary care veterinarian before seeing a specialist. If your cat's prior veterinarian has exhausted all of their options and your cat is still in pain, a referral to a veterinary allergy and dermatology specialist might be necessary. A conversation with the vets in Lakewood will help you determine when it's time to seek additional help.

Creating A Preventative Care Program

Bringing your dog in for regular or bi-annual exams is the basis of a healthy preventative care regimen. To make it easier to recall, we advise our clients to plan their pets' next exam while they are still in our clinic.

Contact Us!

Please email us or call us to learn more about the many facilities our veterinary clinic provides.