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Services Offered at Lakewood Vet Hospital

Pet Boarding (Available 24/7)
Lakewood Vet Hospital CO is completely prepared to deal with all issues regarding animal health. We're focused on your pet's well-being and will consistently put forth a valiant effort to treat their ailments. We provide world-class standard medical treatment in combination with the skills of our team of professional vets. Your pet is sure to recover quickly!
Free Pet Wellness Exams
Despite being in good health, it is still a good measure for your pet to consistently have a wellness check. Lakewood Vet Hospital gives our free pet wellness exam. We advocate for a community with healthier pets who get to live full, long and satisfying lives with their owners. Keeping your pet in great shape will not be a difficult task to do especially if they have consistent checks which will reinforce what you do, as a pet owner, to keep them healthy.
Crisis Services
We are always prepared for the inevitable. In case your pet experiences a certain crisis, accident or emergency situation, Lakewood Vet Hospital is available 24/7 to respond to your call.
Dental Care

A bad smell is usually a sign of something that had gone bad. If you smell something bad coming out of your pet’s mouth, then it is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed soon by a professional animal dentist. Our hospital houses dentists who can accommodate you and your pet and assist you with dealing with animal dental problems such as halitosis, teeth decay/ dulling, and more. It is important to address these concerns since the mouth is a vital part of the eating process. Animals need to feed properly and if they cannot, due to dental problems, it would pose a bigger problem for the pet owner and fatal for the pet. With Lakewood Vet Hospital, you do not need to worry as we treat your pets’ dental woes.

We are 24/7 Available for your service

Medical Procedure

One of the many things that we are proud about in the hospital is how well-equipped we are. We use the latest technology and gadgets to perform medical surgeries and procedures that are necessary for the recovery of the animals we treat. Combining the skills of our well-trained and licensed professionals, you are sure that your pet will be in good hands of lifesavers. We also make sure that the medical procedures to be done are transparently communicated to the pet owner and only done if highly necessary and endorsed by the veterinarian.

Lakewood Vet Hospital is a facility you can trust; for the sake of your beloved pet, for the sake of all creatures.

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