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Affordable Vet Care Co

Whether you have dogs, cats, or birds, our staff at Lakewood CO Vet aims to treat every animal and client as an individual with personal patient care. Allow us to help and treat your precious companion with the quality care they deserve. To help you give them a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life, we offer an affordable vet care co.

Lakewood CO Vet has been operating for more than a decade and has been helping many pet owners in the area and other surrounding cities by providing quality care and ensuring their pets are in good condition.

Affordable Pet Care Co: Cat Care

We have a team of veterinarians who are very experienced and passionate about providing quality care and comfort to animals. We have a wide range of cat care services to help cat owners provide the best, comfortable, and healthy life to their cats. From vaccinations to orthopedic surgery, we have all of it.

Regular clinic visits and health checks are a great way to ensure your cat is in good condition and to prevent various diseases that may harm them. This also includes vaccinations. The vet will ask you health-related questions about your cat, which will go through a physical examination. Vaccinations are essential to cats as various viruses and bacteria can cause diseases to your pets. Vaccines help fight the disease when your pet is exposed to the infection. However, some vaccines are not necessarily needed to be given every year. Your vet will discuss the vaccines that your pet needs.

Parasites are common to cats, and they do not only cause irritations to your pets but also to you and your family. Some of the common external parasites are fleas, ticks, and mites. Fleas develop quickly during warmer months. However, they do not stop during the cold season, but they only slow down. Regular use of a good quality flea treatment approved by the vet all year round is the best way to control fleas in the home.

Your cat may pick up ticks by roaming around through the grass. Ticks suck blood and irritate your pet and you as well. They are commonly seen during warmer months, but they can be seen all year round. Your vet can recommend flea treatments that are also effective against ticks.

Several mites can be seen in Colorado that can cause problems in both cats and dogs. You have to visit the clinic to diagnose as they are commonly too small to be seen by the naked eye.

Some internal parasites are also common to cats which can be harmful to your pets. Intestinal worms and lungworms are only some of these internal parasites. Our vet can provide you options on how to treat these parasites.

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Our experts and dedicated team of veterinarians and support staff are dedicated to providing affordable quality vet care in a professional and friendly way. We pride ourselves in being fully equipped with advanced equipment to be able to provide the best care and services at an affordable price.